Learn, step by step, how to build a real web application using Flask (a Python-based web microframework) and how to run it on AWS Lambda (Amazon's 'serverless' cloud function service).

Flask on Lambda is a great, inexpensive option for applications that need to auto-scale quickly and/or have extremely bursty usage (for instance, a reporting tool that is only used on the first of every month, or an application that only accepts submissions for small windows of time throughout the year). It's also a wonderful option for people who want to deploy quick one-off web apps that can stay up indefinitely with no monthly cost if only a few hundred people are using them (and potentially cost only a few dollars if a million people are using them).

To show you how this works, I've written an easy-to-use guide that covers both the Flask and AWS aspects of such a web application. The guide will show you how to build a complete Python web application that is actually deployable and usable. Many books use toy applications without full source code, whereas I want to demonstrate how to build a real (albeit simple) application from start to finish. All the source code is also freely available on github.

For $30, you get an account on compellingpython.com that includes the full guide, carefully formatted for ease of understanding. I'm also improving the guide all the time, so you will always have access to the most up-to-date version. If you want to save yourself hours of googling and reading through dozens of different documentation sites, this is the guide for you. If you see something wrong or needing improvement please email me at joe@compellingpython.com. Thanks!